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Sleeping Son #1

17 Jun

Like I have mentioned before my Dad is one of my primary suppliers of new music. So much so that I think it is time to create a new section just for his recommendations. Keep an eye out for Sleeping Son posts.

Tennis – Marathon:

Wakey!Wakey! – Twenty-Two:

Suckers – Save Your Love For Me:

Rooney – I Don’t Wanna Lose You:

Rooney – I Can’t Get Enough:

Julianna Barwick

5 Jun

Dudes…check this chick out. She’s awesome. I found out about her last year and Ive been hooked ever since…Her latest is a critically acclaimed EP called Florine…built¬†solely¬†on vocals and a few keys….Amazing ethereal beauty. She basically just loops her vocals and melodies into a wall of sound….Picture, a choir in a large church endlessly lulling you to sleep with their honey dipped vocals…an ear orgasm. And not one of those dirty spunk orgasms but a beautiful spiritually energizing orgasm, one that sends you into a void of pure….nothingness…But enough of my teengirl fantasies… Check it out..

Julianna Barwick – Cloudbank:


Operator Please

1 Jun

Metric meets The Go! Team meets Tegan and Sara. Here are a couple songs from their album Gloves. Pretty cool.

Operator Please – Like Magic:

Operator Please – Back and Forth:

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