Blackbird Blackbird

10 Jul

Hey guys. Dave’s been writing alot of posts lately, with alot of cool music. And since we’re half way around the world, we dont get to talk besides facebook, this blog is our way of saying hello to each other. And so im dedicating this post to Dave. Here’s some music i think you’d dig dude….

I wasnt into the whole chillwave thing at first (see Neon Indian, Washed Out….) and Im not very into the new dreamwave thing either..but these dudes are alright. They go by the name of Blackbird Blackbird. And they come from the endless line of lo-fi bedroom chillwave/dreamwave duo’s coming out of Middle America. They’re dreamy, they’re beautiful and they’ve got some killer songs. This one espcially struck a chord with me. One of their slower moving songs…

Summer Heat – Blackbird Blackbird

Anyways thats about it..I think this can be a new segment. Where we exchange music. Hope you like it man.


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