The Sun Smiles, and the Mind Follows

26 Jul

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I recently had a conversation about why music is so special and why it is such an important art.

To me it is simply the most direct form of creation to impact and encompass the emotions and feelings of life. That will sound very overly dramatic and twee to those who don’t know what I’m talking about, and I’m sorry. The truth is that music is all around us, and much like advertising, technology, and all forms of (in)tangible media it melts into our everyday lives, changing and shaping everything we do. It is next to impossible to avoid. Whether we hear it on the T.V. or the radio, in someones car or on some street performers speakers, music affects all people. So I think music has such an affect on me because it is a medium of creation that everyone can relate to, everyone can find meaning in, and everyone can share and embrace.

What I want to know, however, is why music has such an impact on you. So please, let me know in the comments why you listen to music… or why music is important to you… or why music is not important to you. Just express and just write.



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