Top Girls

18 Aug

It’s an exciting time for the underground music world. One of the top reasons for this excitement is a new artist….Top Girls, the project of South Carolina’s Evan Adams. Along with Cologne’s How To Dress Well, they make up an exciting new group of bedroom producers who are making what have recently been coined as post-r&b…and it’s a fitting term. It takes the sensuality and sexuality present within r&b tunes and twists it into a kind of dark obsession or yearning. Love is no longer roses and boxes of chocolates, but rainy nights spent tripping on past lovers….its dark, scary and even a little bit sexy.

But enough of my ranting….and on to the real reason I’m writing this..Top Girls. The formula is simple but effective: beats and vocals…it’s minimalistic and bare but boy does it pack a punch. The beats are the skeleton….electronic, the bass is heavy and the groove is undeniable, backed with a soft pad synth to provide the flesh and the cherry on top…the vocals. They get me every time. They’re soaked in reverb and very dreamy, but more than that, he always hits for the higher notes…as if he’s reaching for another plane…..beautiful stuff.

I’ve provided two cuts from him….a new one called Cant Stop and an older one…Faded Feeling. Head on over to his myspace for even more. You’ll thank yourself for doing this…

Cant Stop – Top Girls

Faded Feeling – Top Girls


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