Jon Lemmon

20 Aug

Jon Lemmon was first brought to my attention by the always amazing Jarred of Life:Aquatic and he’s recently befriended me on soundcloud. And I’ve been hitting his tracks on repeat ever since….the guy’s got a knack for great hooks…More than anything I love the way he evokes this kind of melancholic but also optimistic feeling in his music. Most notably in stand out tracks “Home” and “suspended”. Both very beautiful. Maybe its the fact that he hails from Los Angeles but has moved to New Zealand, I get a sense of loneliness in his tracks…if only for a fleeting moment. And it’s something I can really relate to. “I am surrounded, people I know…..I am a phantom”

Me and Dave talked about posting quality instead of quantity and in this instance, it’s definitely quality. I’m going to be featuring more Aus/NZ artists soon!

But for now….shake your hips and cry your heart out with….

suspended by jonlemmonmusic

home by jonlemmonmusic

AND the dancier “Furrrr”

furrr by jonlemmonmusic


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