de Lune

23 Nov

A dirty truck with just enough room for my room and two aging bodies. Summer was at its close and it was the first time seeing my old man in a while. Weathered skin and a pair of Sperry’s characterized his facade.

School was here. Meaning no more family, no more summertime friends, and no more Sailor Jerry’s for a while. Only two and a half hours to battle over hymn control with father Hayes. Dotted white lines blurring into a collective whole, meeting at the horizon with a falling sun. A horizon that marked the inevitability of school work and living on my own. That’s when RAC came on – sparking a conjoined rejoice in the van. Dissolving the worry and drear prevalent to the impending school rush.

The memory is still here (mainly because it didn’t happen so long ago), and the songs are as well (mainly because they are great). So if you haven’t heard already – here are my picks of Remix Artist Collective’s re-interpretations.

The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (RAC mix):

Hockey – Too Fake (RAC mix):

Kele – Everything You Wanted (RAC mix):

Ra Ra Riot – Boy (RAC mix):

And my personal favorite:

The Shins – Sleeping Lessons (RAC mix):


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