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Wolf Gang

21 Feb

Sunopsis: Arcade Fire meets CEO

Wolf Gang – Dancing With The Devil:

Wolf Gang – Lions In Cages:

Single Singles

20 Feb

I’ve had a bunch of singles floating around on my iTunes recently. Some really good singles.

Waiting for Radiohead’s album kind of hindered my ability to get into anything else, however, throwing anything not Radiohead under a veil of neglect. But the album is out (and it’s really boring; I’ll get to that), so it’s time to write about some good music.

If you haven’t heard these already, enjoy.

Gold Fields – Treehouse:

Architecture in Helsinki – Contact High:

Painted Palms – All Of Us:

Lotus Flower

19 Feb

The Dears

17 Feb

STILL WAITING FOR RADIOHEAD. BUT HERE’S THIS. Sunopsis: Bloc Party meets The National

The Dears – Omega Dog:

New Radiohead

14 Feb

Finally, the follow up to “In Rainbows” is being released Saturday. A release I can actually look forward to. – for more information.

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