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29 Nov

Best Of My Years: Dave

25 Nov

The ‘Best Of My Years’ series is a collection of lists from friends and family. An aggregation of ‘Top 10’ definitive lifetime albums.

Songs are often manifest within experience, and as a result, some albums have become definitive of certain memories. These are the albums that can evoke nostalgia or induce emotion; the albums that have given definition to our lives.

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The Shrine / An Argument

23 Nov


21 Nov

The one beneficial thing I’ve learned from etymology: the word callipygian. Respectful and candid.

I’ve asked a few people to compile some lists for me. The top 10 ‘Best of My Years’. The top 10 albums that have shaped peoples lives. So look forward to that – some cool bloggers have written back.

Body Language – Holiday (RAC mix):

Weekend Playlist

18 Nov

Hudson – Against the Grain:

Coldplay – UFO (Keljet’s Hawaiian Remix):

Poolside – Do You Believe (Goldroom Remix):

Sunday Girl – Self Control (Young Empires Remix):

Urban Cone – Freak:

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