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Woe Is Me

23 Mar

Sunopsis: Vampire Weekend meets Good Old War

Vacationer – Good As New:

Vacationer – Summer End:

Vacationer – Great Love:


18 Mar

Two big, two small – four new.

Beach House – Lazuli:

Air Bag One – Whatever You Want:

Hot Chip – Flutes:

Monde Ideal – Future Waits:

Hipster Hits

13 Mar


The darkness of Donnie Darko is back in Jake Gyllenhaal. The Shoes have recruited Gyllenhaal to play a seemingly apathetic American Psycho-esque character in their new video for the song “Time To Dance”. The yuppies are now hipsters.

The actual song starts around 1:42 – and it’s Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.” meets LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends”.

STREAM: The Shoes – “Time To Dance”

Over Seas

13 Mar

You can listen to the Revolver‘s album Let Go in it’s entirety at their YouTube Page. It releases March 20th.

Revolver – Wind Song:

Team Me, hailing from Norway, is set to release To The Trees on March 15th. “Show Me” is the lead single.

Team Me – Show Me:

Finally, the video for San Cisco‘s “Golden Revolver”. They have a new EP out called Awkward with a single of the same name. Think sun-soaked WU LYF – it’s good.

Last Dinosaurs

12 Mar

Sunopsis: Two Door Cinema Club meets Klaxons

In the wake of my long-winded last post, I’ll stick to my motto of letting the music do the talking. Last Dinosaurs debut releases March 20th – and will surely appease the appetites of those anxiously awaiting the big ones.

Last Dinosaurs – Time and Place:

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