Legal / Copyright

If there are any comments, concerns, or problems with the contents of this blog, send me an e-mail at sleepingsunblog[at] Content will be removed upon request by the artist or the label.

Everything posted on the blog is for promotional and preview purposes only. I only post the music I like and the music I want others to hear and subsequently buy. No full albums are provided by download on this site, songs can be sampled by the built-in music player. Music streamed in the music player are all at 80kbps (lower bit rate than Myspace music player) to avoid audio ripping. Also, any links which expire due to the maximum time limit or lack of usage will NOT be maintained.

It is my goal here to mainly promote artists we like. If you like an artist, BUY THEIR WORK! I have no intention of stepping on toes, so let me know if I do and I can fix the problem.

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