Sleeping Son

12 Nov

Thanks for this one, Dad. Summer vibes for the falling snow. Free downloads too.


Fat Grooves and Old Apps

11 Nov

Shazam (the app) has held a funny place in my life. For the most part I tag a song and never go back to listen again. Often I’m just checking if my music knowledge is as good as I think it is. Which can be disappointing when I find out a Said The Whale song is not new Spoon material.

Other times I’m just checking who’s responsible for the fat groove I’m experiencing, convincing myself I will go out and buy it when I get a chance. But I never do.

What this has led to, however, is a certain excitement when opening the app and going through old tags. Every once in a while I rediscover something that really deserved my attention. Today that was the band Kid Astray. Below is a great song with some better dancing, so enjoy. Also, for good measure, a Huey Lewis song that I tagged a year ago (re: fat groove).

Rewind Your Age

15 Oct


10 Sep

Washed Up Blogger

25 Jun

Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out’s, new single, “Don’t Give Up” appears on his upcoming Paracosm LP, out August 12.

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