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Passion Pit

6 Jan

I miss my dog. I can’t believe Russia won. Back to the grind.

Manners was one of my favorite albums in 2009, so anything Passion Pit related – I like to know about. All These Trees is their newest song, recorded specifically for a commercial. Hopefully that means they’re working on some new originals.

Passion Pit – All These Trees:

Passion Pit – Tonight, Tonight (Smashing Pumpkins Cover):

Part 4 of Hype Machines best-of 2010.

Clock Opera – Best of 2010 (Part 4):

Zeitgeist 2010

4 Jan

Hype Machine’s annual Zeitgeist is now online here.

To me this is the most exciting list made each year, because it is aggregated off of mass opinion, not just someone like me voicing their own (which is good in its own way, now that I write it).

Anyways, make sure to check the artists mixes – The Knocks have done a really great job…

The Knocks – Top 50 of 2010:

Blackbird Blackbird – Top 50 of 2010:

I’ll post as they are released.

A Challenge

2 Jan

Local Natives – World News (Teen Daze Remix):

This is going to be very hard – but I think it will be worth it.

There is a challenge going on, on WordPress, to write a post every day in 2011. I am going to attempt to do this.

What this means is that there will likely be more posts being filed under “Old Favorites”, where I am just writing inane thoughts and adding a soundtrack. We will see how well that goes.

What this also means, is much more music.

A main goal of mine when starting this blog was to preserve quality over quantity, which is why posts are often separated by a few days or even weeks. I simply didn’t feel there was anything worth posting.

But readers expect something new every day, you search endlessly over the mass of blog’s to find a new song; and whether it makes your end of year list or not, doesn’t matter. You have to quench your desire for new music – I understand.

So here we go.

Thank you for 2010. Here’s to 2011.


Mise en scène, 2010

19 Dec
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