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Young Empires

15 Nov

I was going to post this tomorrow – but you should hear it now.

These guys will be big. Two Door big.

Young Empires – Enter Through The Sun:

Young Empires – White Dove:


20 Oct

I’m really late on this, but I couldn’t get into it – and now I have. This is easily one of the coolest tracks I’ve heard all year. Give it a chance (dad).

St. Vincent – Cruel:

Youth Lagoon

7 Oct

Sunopsis: The XX meets Washed Out

I hate dislike Pitchfork. I think I’ve made that clear.

But every once and a while they get sent an album by someone who deserves recognition. Youth Lagoon is that someone.

It’s shoegaze, bedroom, melodic funĀ  – but most importantly, it’s pop at its best. Drums kick in when you want them and melodies go where you expect them.

Together, Youth Lagoon’s songs fulfill the desires you have been waiting for since Two Door dropped ‘Tourist History’.

’17’ is the perfect example of this indie pop bliss.

Listen with little expectation, leave with high hopes. Youth Lagoon’s debut results in unexpected fulfillment, and unexpected satisfaction.

Youth Lagoon – 17:

Youth Lagoon – Cannons:


30 Sep

Sunopsis: The Morning Benders meets Stars

Ohbijou – Niagara:

Ohbijou – Anser:

Is Tropical

27 May

Sunopsis: Two Door Cinema Club meets Foals

Is Tropical – South Pacific:

Is Tropical – The Greeks:

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