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For Dad, My Reader

3 Mar

Best of 2011: Albums

16 Jan

This post is a little more word heavy than Best of 2011: Songs. Hence the delay.

These are the albums I felt were front to back special. So I’ve posted the first single from each and a personal song choice from each. Enjoy.

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Best of 2011: Songs

5 Jan

To narrow the list down to 10 seemed impossible; 20 was no easier. And so, here are my 25 favorites from 2011. Enjoy.

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For Mom

24 Dec

Christmas is a time for family. This blog has been a vehicle for family. Yet, I’ve been neglecting a large part of my family. She called me out on it (and it gives me a reason to post oldies).

If I ever do anything useful with my life, there will be one person responsible – my mom. Backbone, catalyst, mentor, mother. You can’t quantify this love with words.

To the lack of snow, to the nostalgia of christmas lights, to the love for my mom. Cheers, and Merry Christmas. Here’s what we’ll be listening to.

Bobby Darin – Beyond the Sea:

James Taylor – Carolina In My Mind:

Frank Sinatra – Come Fly With Me:

Nat King Cole – Unforgettable:

Coldplay – Christmas Lights:

Best Of My Years: Dave

25 Nov

The ‘Best Of My Years’ series is a collection of lists from friends and family. An aggregation of ‘Top 10’ definitive lifetime albums.

Songs are often manifest within experience, and as a result, some albums have become definitive of certain memories. These are the albums that can evoke nostalgia or induce emotion; the albums that have given definition to our lives.

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