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Woe Is Me

23 Mar

Sunopsis: Vampire Weekend meets Good Old War

Vacationer – Good As New:

Vacationer – Summer End:

Vacationer – Great Love:

Sleeping Son

4 Mar

A lot of potential – three months in.

Wildcat! Wildcat! – End Of The World Everyday:

The Griswolds – Mississippi:

We Are Knights – Tears:

Princeton – Clamoring For Your Heart:

Princeton – Shout It Out:

Dry the River – No Rest:

Sleeping Son Four

22 Nov

This is somewhat of a family effort… Big bro sometimes strikes gold with bands (when he’s not listening to Rihanna or Ke$ha – What’s My Name is pretty solid btw Mike) – and so Good Old War gets chalked up for the kid. Some really simple acoustic chantey’s that go perfect with a hot choco in your hand, a fire at your back, and a view of snow fall in front.

Bob has been pretty useless lately (sorry pops). It seems he sometimes either goes on unhinged tangents, or genre bending detours. That being said he is usually the man behind the biggest bands I listen to year in and year out – so the digressions obviously serve a greater whole.

In typical Sleeping Son fashion, here is the latest round-up:

Good Old War – Coney Island:

Oh No Oh My – Walking Into Me:

Brass Bed – God Saves the Thieves:

Trophy Wife – Take this Night:

TV Girl – If You Want It:

PZ Dobby

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