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New, New Navy

28 Sep

I posted New Navy’s single ‘Zimbabwe’ a while ago, and finally we have some new music. Foals meets Two Door Cinema Club, Enjoy.

New Navy – Tapioca:

New Navy – What Was Golden:

New Navy – Oceans:

Big Wave Riders

4 Sep

The chillwave, shoegaze, surfpop movement of the last few years has been littered with bands that really don’t know what they’re doing. However, amongst the hoard of terrible music, a few bands have released some highly acclaimed records – most of which I really can’t get into (Wavves, No Age, Dum Dum Girls, The Drums (sorry…), Best Coast).

Which is why it is really odd I like Big Wave Riders. I posted one of their songs a while ago. Recently, Teppo and Aleksi messaged me with a link to their new EP. It’s filled with some really great, poppy, sunbathed songs. It’s got the staccato styled guitars of Foals and the twangy pop sheen of The Morning Benders. The last two songs aren’t great, but the potential is there throughout. Let’s just hope surfpop lasts longer than glitchstep.

You Can Count On Me

15 Apr

I’ve always been torn when it comes to Animal Collective – some of their songs sound like nothing more than noise. I understand people like that. I don’t. But then they make an album like MPP that is so musically brilliant, you can’t help but wonder: where did this come from?

Noah Lennox then, deserves some recognition. His solo work has always been positively hailed (especially by those hypebeasts over at Pitchfork) – but again, I never really liked it.

His newest album ‘Tomboy’, has once again changed my opinion. The overbearing vocal reverb and reliance on repetition suck you into a world of static bliss. You need headphones. More here:

The first song off the album – a solo-acapella creep that instantly put me in a daze (possibly also due to the unbearable stress and lack of sleep running through my blood – most likely because its good). Think Fleet Foxes (in a cathedral) meets M83 (at their simplest) – or, just listen:

Panda Bear – You Can Count on Me:

The nostalgia hits – waves and the arpeggio of a slot machine. Picture: boardwalk. One hand in that of your closest – heart through touch.

Panda Bear – Surfer’s Hymn:


Panda Bear – Last Night at the Jetty:

Wolf Gang

21 Feb

Sunopsis: Arcade Fire meets CEO

Wolf Gang – Dancing With The Devil:

Wolf Gang – Lions In Cages:

Single Singles

20 Feb

I’ve had a bunch of singles floating around on my iTunes recently. Some really good singles.

Waiting for Radiohead’s album kind of hindered my ability to get into anything else, however, throwing anything not Radiohead under a veil of neglect. But the album is out (and it’s really boring; I’ll get to that), so it’s time to write about some good music.

If you haven’t heard these already, enjoy.

Gold Fields – Treehouse:

Architecture in Helsinki – Contact High:

Painted Palms – All Of Us:

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