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You Can Count On Me

15 Apr

I’ve always been torn when it comes to Animal Collective – some of their songs sound like nothing more than noise. I understand people like that. I don’t. But then they make an album like MPP that is so musically brilliant, you can’t help but wonder: where did this come from?

Noah Lennox then, deserves some recognition. His solo work has always been positively hailed (especially by those hypebeasts over at Pitchfork) – but again, I never really liked it.

His newest album ‘Tomboy’, has once again changed my opinion. The overbearing vocal reverb and reliance on repetition suck you into a world of static bliss. You need headphones. More here:

The first song off the album – a solo-acapella creep that instantly put me in a daze (possibly also due to the unbearable stress and lack of sleep running through my blood – most likely because its good). Think Fleet Foxes (in a cathedral) meets M83 (at their simplest) – or, just listen:

Panda Bear – You Can Count on Me:

The nostalgia hits – waves and the arpeggio of a slot machine. Picture: boardwalk. One hand in that of your closest – heart through touch.

Panda Bear – Surfer’s Hymn:


Panda Bear – Last Night at the Jetty:

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