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Catch Up

24 Jan

Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal:

With a mixture of work, play, and just plain laziness, I have already fallen short on my promise of a post a day.

However, I was just away for the weekend and couldn’t help but write, inspired by the beauty of everything. Good for you. Good for me? I got to thinking about the comparability of love and beauty itself; and felt comparison is impossible.

The hidden beauty of a thunderstorm – with rain bashing and clinging to windows like teardrops trying to hold onto a cheek; can not be compared to the beauty of a snowstorm – snow suffocating and encasing all of nature within a veneer of whiteness.

The feelings evoke similar sensation, but each is unique to its claim.

Random? Yes. But what I forewarned when this process started? Heck yes.

Martin Solveig ft Dragonette – Hello:

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