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Where I’m At

7 May

I’m still here, just busy earning…

Cheesy? Sry.


Bon Iver?

14 Apr

New video with some new Bon Iver ( and shades of DeYarmond Edison?)

Foreign Love

23 Oct

Some really cool new here. Too tired to type, too tired to write. The music on this one is enough.

The Killers – Smile Like You Mean It (Madeon Remix):

James Yuill – On Your Own:

The Knocks – Dancing With The DJ:

Royksopp – I Wanna Know:

New Music from Old Favorites

7 Apr

The first concert I ever went to was one by the Stars. They were just as good live, as they were on all their albums. So following In Our Bedroom After The War comes their new album The Five Ghosts set for release June 22, 2010. Here is the single “Fixed”:


Sigur Ros was never one of my favorites (but don’t let Lavurn know). Their lead singer Jonsi, however, has released a solo album titled Go and it has some really beautiful songs:

The single, “Go Do”:

And a beautiful string driven, “Tornado”:


And So It Begins

27 Mar

First game of the world series, the first cigarette of the day, first concert of the tour, first post on your blog. It all has to start somewhere. Here.

For the first song I won’t go oldschool, I will go with what I like. More of that to come. This is the only song I really liked on Big Echo, the second album from the California grown Morning Benders: Excuses. Maybe I’ll rediscover something new on another listen, but for now I’ll cherish this gem:

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