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The Buried Life – Music

13 Apr

There are a select few shows that constantly play some really great music. The most recent of which being The Buried Life. The show is really great and inspirational to begin with, so if you haven’t already watched it – check it out. It follows the story of four boys answering the question “What do you want to do before you die”. They created a list of 100 things and set out to accomplish them. While fulfilling their list, they also help others they meet along the way answer the same question “What do you want to do before you die”. The boys have played basketball with Obama, toasted at a strangers wedding, and told a joke on late night television. While at the same time, they reunited a father and son who had not seen each other in 17 years, reunited 4 older men who had spent their youth together, and flew a girl to visit her mothers grave – who had been killed by Hurricane Katrina. Some really cool stuff, check it out here.

The music from the show is just as special as the show itself, so here are a few artists that I’ve really gotten into.

Aside from their remixes, Miike Snow have released a self-titled debut album. It is very laid back and summer oriented – which is perfect. It is definitely not the best album I have heard of late, but it has some gems on it. Here are a few of my favorites:

Miike Snow – Song For No One:

Miike Snow – Animal

This band named fun. is from New York, and their singer Nate Ruess was previously from The Format. Some great songs off this album on the show:

fun. – All The Pretty Girls:

fun. – Light A Roman Candle With Me:

I don’t have much information on this band other than the fact that their name is Donora, they released an album in 2008, they are from Pittsburgh, and I like these songs (one of which is used in the intro of the show):

Donora – I Think I Like You:

Donora – Shhh:

Finally, the show featured a song by Passion Pit, whose album “Manners” has been solidified in my top albums of all time. If you haven’t heard of them, well, I envy you for the discovery of an amazing band – listen to it LOUD. The first song is one of the softer songs from the albums, but also one of my favorites. I’ve also added another more upbeat song from “Manners”. Buy this album, you won’t regret it:

Passion Pit – Swimming In The Flood:

Passion Pit – Folds In Your Hands:


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