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04 / 19 / 2010

19 Apr

Recently, it has been very hard to find music that I actually have an urge to listen to. I’ve been desperately trying to find something new and catchy, something I actually like…

Usually when I find myself at a loss for music I turn to my old man – whose music blog presence impresses me. Pops’ recommendations vary from desperate transient love for mediocre songs, that sound amazing at the time amongst the detritus of other new music; to golden nuggets of awesomeness that sit on my playlists for extended periods of time. So his recent suggestion Apples In Stereo, who have a few new tracks floating around the Interwebs, was a beacon of hope.


To understand why I didn’t like their new songs is to understand me. I judge bands heavily on the singers voice (who doesn’t?), but according to my brother I judge in very weird ways. I don’t like Five For Fighting but I like Phoenix. I don’t like Owl City but I like Radiohead.

What this means then, is that the whiny, girly, high pitched drone of the new Apples In Stereo doesn’t peak an unrelenting urge for me to lend an ear. Sorry dad.

So I have some other new songs, until my dad’s next collection of suggestions. I haven’t fallen in love with any. But love takes time, doesn’t it?

Greg Laswell has made some very solid music in the past. “Comes and Goes (In Waves)” and “How The Day Sounds” are two songs that have permanent spots on my all time favorites playlist. Here are a few new songs from Take A Bow, which seem to have a darker feel to them. “Off I Go” reminds me of Adele’s “Hometown Glory”, which is good; and “Around the Bend” is definitely growing on me. Thoughts?

Greg Laswell – Off I Go:

Greg Laswell – Around the Bend:

Heard this in a recent TV show, pretty basic, but very pretty (could only find it on YouTube).

Shiny Toy Guns – Season of Love:

The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (RAC Mix):


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