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Best of 2011: Albums

16 Jan

This post is a little more word heavy than Best of 2011: Songs. Hence the delay.

These are the albums I felt were front to back special. So I’ve posted the first single from each and a personal song choice from each. Enjoy.

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Best of 2011: Songs

5 Jan

To narrow the list down to 10 seemed impossible; 20 was no easier. And so, here are my 25 favorites from 2011. Enjoy.

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It’s Real

21 Oct

I’m starting to put together some preliminary ‘best of’ lists.

The most recent addition to my playlist was (the short but sweet) ‘It’s Real’ by Real Estate. It’s one of those songs that embodies everything this blog is about. It’s simple feel good music that makes not tapping your foot on the bus or not mouthing the words while walking through campus seem impossible.

It’s the kind of song my dad would get excited about when I was 10. The kind of song he would premiere on the way to a hockey game or put on repeat during a ride to school. And while I would pretend not to like it (because for unknown reasons, I refuse to give him that pleasure – even to this day); inevitably, I did.

There is no flashy polish or excess babble – it’s just music that gets your butterflies floating.

That in mind, I find it hard to imagine any other song taking the ‘Best Track of 2011’ title. Time will tell.


Real Estate – It’s Real:

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