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Fat Grooves and Old Apps

11 Nov

Shazam (the app) has held a funny place in my life. For the most part I tag a song and never go back to listen again. Often I’m just checking if my music knowledge is as good as I think it is. Which can be disappointing when I find out a Said The Whale song is not new Spoon material.

Other times I’m just checking who’s responsible for the fat groove I’m experiencing, convincing myself I will go out and buy it when I get a chance. But I never do.

What this has led to, however, is a certain excitement when opening the app and going through old tags. Every once in a while I rediscover something that really deserved my attention. Today that was the band Kid Astray. Below is a great song with some better dancing, so enjoy. Also, for good measure, a Huey Lewis song that I tagged a year ago (re: fat groove).

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